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Creative Development • Cinematography • Photography • Sound • Design


Perhaps you are a commercial real estate company that needs content for that investment
package. A school that needs a class picture for every student, faculty, and club/team. A non-
profit that needs a creative video for their next fundraiser or year end report. The corporate
company that needs staff headshots and internal training content. A commercial advertising agency that needs a production company that will sit with the creative team to execute that big brand campaign. Or a family that finally got everyone together for thanksgiving and wants to document the occasion with a portrait and capture the family history.  The list goes on.


Everyone knows that they need a video and want to create a Cinematic masterpiece. Ok, now what? Let us sit down with your team to help you develop the story, understand your messaging and desired outcomes.

Production Image


With a combination of artistry and passion, we create beautiful, clean content that elevates the human experience. A picture paints a thousand words and motion make a million. What is the story that you want to tell? Let us tell it.
Documenting those moments that you don’t get back; we capture life with a professional fly on the wall mentality. We don’t stop until our client reacts to our images with a “Wow! I love it!” When it comes to Real Estate and construction, we know that capturing that space just right is important. Editing and lighting make the magic happen!

Creative imagery, clean messaging, and a piece to look at every day. Our creations are going to
make it into your publication on the wall and on your coffee table. Our design team tells a story turning still into
motion and bringing motion to life.


    Project Details* i

    • Film, Photo, Sound, Design, Web

    • Number of Talent/Guests/Cameras/Mics

    • Design Colors, Dimensions, Quantity, Function/Use

    Project Location

    Examples to expound upon: i

    • Corporate identity enhancement

    • Change of image

    • Selling a new product

    • Creating a specific emotion or need

    • Fundraising and awareness

    • Telling a story

    • Teaching/training

    Audience i

    • Age of your audience

    • Socioeconomic factors

    • Knowledge of content matter

    • Intellectual capability

    • Disabilities or language barriers

    Production Value i

    • Camera Package (multi or single shooter) Drones or Action cameras?

    • Lighting Packages

    • Audio Capture/microphone package (qty?)

    • Professional Voice Over

    • Stock Footage or Music usage rights

    • Logos and Custom Motion Graphic Designs

    The Final Product i

    • What is the subject matter?

    • Are there any elements that you definitely want to be included? (shots, interviews, etc.)

    • What emotions do you want to evoke? This will determine fast-paced, quick cuts, or slow-paced styles.

    • Musical style?

    • Branding style, such as corporate colors or logos?